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from a dream . . .

to a reality...

the journey, our story

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One of the best compliments that can make our day is when someone says,

“You have beautiful skin!”

What we see in the mirror significantly affects our confidence because it’s the first representation of who we are to the world.

The Epic Rose Natural Body Skintique enhances your outer beauty by creating organic and natural products to help you safely nurture healthy skin.

Starting the Journey


My name is Monique Cooper I was inspired to start my skincare company

when my daughter's eczema was discovered and my ability to no longer afford and manage her outbreaks through visits to dermatologist and their recommend commercial (prescriptions) products.  I decided to go back to the basics when I remembered growing up , my grandmother had a little blue cookie tin filled with natural homemade tincture, salves and ointments for cuts, burns, bruises, abrasions and insect bites etc.  Recalling that memory made me curious about the aesthetics of natural and organic products.  

I began researching natural alternative methods to clearing my daughter's skin condition chemical free.  The next several months I read articles, studied ingredients found from back of store products,  watched videos, referenced any reading materials available I could find on natural skincare remedies and regimens.  I started to understand the importance of sourcing the best organic ingredients from environmental responsible home growers.  The next several weeks I set out to  develop my own skincare products based on  key components found in my families homemade recipes along with  other vital information found in my  research.   I created products made from naturally sourced ingredients for the goal of combating skin sensitivities and conditions such as ( eczema, and psoriasis, sensitive dry skin).

Thereafter I started using my products to nourish and soothe my daughter's skin , I was amazed at the results we saw.    I was executed and astonished at the same time, I started sharing my products with close friends and family with various skin issues.  Those gifts later turned into request to buy my butters, creams and salves.   My passion grew addictive researching unrelenting to continue helping others naturally clear common related skin conditions.

"The Epic Rose Natural Body Skintique," was birth,  November 2019, so more people like you could enjoy the same satisfying benefits.  We now proudly serve customers across the country and internationally.

Creating High-Quality Skincare

The last place we want to find harmful toxins is in our personal care items that should help us relax and be refreshed. I’ve gained an in-depth understanding of how toxins penetrate our skin and the holistic function of the body through my background in Cosmetology.  As a Cosmetologist and its many facets for more than eighteen years have helped me excel in pathophysiology, microbiology, chemistry, and human anatomy. This experience along with personally clearing my daughter & niece's condition helps me to formulate high-quality products just for you.  You don’t need mainstream or cheaply made products that often contain irritants and carcinogens when nature offers abundant resources to replenish your skin.

The Epic Rose Natural Body Skintique uses naturally sourced organic ingredients to protect your health and boost your confidence through hydrated, soft supple and glowing skin. ` From our African Shea butter imported from a Ghana Village blended to formulate our luxurious Champagne Truffle Body Butter (my personal favorite), each product is created with a perfect blend of easy-to-read ingredients. We’re dedicated to meeting your needs for your beauty and hygiene routine, in particular, those (adults & children) with blemishes, acne or eczema-prone skin. Many customers enthusiastically agree we provide the most soothing organic creams and butters for the skin. 

Explore our shop for products that best suit you and join us on this journey to a healthier lifestyle from nature’s hands. Your support is always appreciated!

Monique Shipp-Cooper

Monique Shipp-Cooper

Founder & Skincare Formulator

About Me


 Let me introduce myself  if I may. My name is Monique Shipp-Cooper, and my journey began when I discovered my daughter was suffering from eczema. Her prescriptions became too expensive, and ineffective so I decided to find an alternative. Inspired by the memory of my grandmother's homemade tinctures and salves, I began seeking out information to find a natural and organic solution.  


After hours of research, I formulated recipes that brought comfort to my daughter's skin. I was absolutely amazed at the results and began sharing my creations with friends and family. Eventually, people started requesting my products for purchase, and Epic Rose Skintique was born.


Having worked over 20 years as a licensed Cosmetologist, I understand the importance of using products that are free from harmful toxins and destructive chemicals. My butters, creams, and salves use only the best organic materials cultivated from a unique herbal extraction process. Thanks to this process, we can preserve all the incredible natural components in our ingredients.


My products were crafted with love for my family, friends, and now for you! Instead of using cheaply made products full of carcinogens and irritants, turn to nature to provide you with the medicine you need. At Epic Rose Skintique, we aim to help you feel relaxed and refreshed, knowing you've chosen the highest quality products to aid you on your journey to loving your skin.

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